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A reader asks for advice

This bait is more interesting than amusing. Although it gets fun near the end.
A different sort of scam - the Internet purchase fake cheque scam.
See the mails below.

Best read my reply to a reader first as it explains the scam, here it is:

Hi Bob

Almost certainly a scam. This is the way it works. The bloke will send you a cheque
by FedEx or similar. The cheque will be for a lot more than your price as he will want
you to pay his shipper/associate out of the remainder. Your bank will accept the
cheque and credit your account. You will send the remainder on to the associate by
Western Union or similar and then a few weeks later the bank will work out that the
cheque is a forgery and debit the money back from your account.

Some anti-scammers play along, don't bank the paper and just keep the pretty
cheques as a memento (and tell the scammer that the bank recognised it as a
forgery straight away). This is fun as it costs the scammer a quite a bit to have the
cheque made and even more to have it delivered to you.

Let me know how you get on. If you want you can pass the enquiry over to your cousin
Norman Stoatgobbler - norman@xxxx your half partner in the transaction who will be
delighted to play along with the scum.

Let me know how you get on.


From: Bob (name changed)
To: 419@WTBP
Date: Wed 11/08/2004 13:24
Subject: Is this a scam?

Hi All

Thanks for running an excellent site, keep up the good work!

I have received the attached series of e-mails in response to an advert for a
sailing dinghy I am selling. The whole thing smacks of a scam in my opinion, thought
it might be of interest to you.
I spoke to my bank to find out the safest way of accepting payment,their advice was
to either accept cash or a bankers draught from a uk bank but not a building
society.. They also said that there are some scams going round where they will
contact you on the premise that they intend to purchase whatever you are selling.
They attempt to get all your details, account numbers, postal address etc from you
so they can use your details to purchase from internet sites etc using your details,
but having the goods delivered elsewhere.

I wonder if I could ask for an opinion? Some of the phrasing and style is similar
to some of your exposes.

I have also received another enquiry that may be the same thing, I will send you
that as well if it sounds unlikely.

Best regards

From: fredrick jones
Sent: 29 July 2004 16:00
To: Bob
Subject: Equiry!!!!!boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098

Peace of the good Lord to you and your entire household,How are you
doing today?I wish you a very swell weekend.I saw your boat posted for sale in
the advertised
site.I will like to know if it still much available for sale and also
last price you want to sell it.Moreso i want you to send some of it pixs
for me for more and proper viewing in order to know the present condition of
it.I will be glad if all this can be done on time because i am really
interested in buying it and make sure you get back to me as soon as
possible.This details is highly required and make sure you also get back to
me with the pics for proper viewing.I will be waiting in ernest to hear from
you soonest.

Best regards,

From: Bob
Sent: 29 July 2004 19:14
To: 'fredrick jones'
Subject: RE: Equiry!!!!!boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098

Hi Fred

Thankyou foir your e-mail. The boat is still for sale. I don't have
any detailed photos of it at this time, just some taken last year on
the video, so they are not good quality. I can take some more detailed
ones this weekend if you want. The overall condition is excellent,
there are some light scratches along the left hand wing edge where it
capsised on landing at the beach on one occasion, they are very light
and have not penetrated the gelc oat. Other than that it is in top
condition. It has hardly been sailed due to my workload and lack of
crew when I was free. I don't really want to sell her, but I have to
do some work on the house and as I am not really using the boat, it
has to go to free off some funds. The lowest price I will take is
£6800. It is a bargain at that!

If you would like to view it, it is at the Sailing Club.

Let me know.

Best regards

From: fredrick jones
Sent: 05 August 2004 22:04
To: Bob
Subject: Re: FW: Equiry!!!!!boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098

Thanks for the reply,so i want the last price,and how do you want the payment
mothod?i want you to be honest with me,And i want this deal fast.looking forward to
hear from you soonest.

Best regards,

From: "Bob"
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 08:36:38 +0100
To: "fredrick jones"
Subject: RE: FW: Equiry!!!!!boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098

Hi Fred

The lowest price I will accept is £6800. Regarding payment, I would prefer cash,
will accept a bank transfer
as an alternative. It is up together ready to go.
Where abouts are you situated?

Best regards

From: fredrick jones
Sent: 06 August 2004 12:46
To: Bob
Subject: RE: FW: Equiry!!!!!boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098

Thanks for the reply,the price is okay by me,so i will love to pay you by cash,but i
don't have much cash with me,i will pay you by cashier cheque if acceptable plz,i
need your full name and address with postal code the way you want it to be written
on the cheque,so i want you to be hoonest with me,looking forward to hear from you

Best regards,


Keep in mind that Bob actually had five or six offers of this sort for his boat.
Each I pursued on his behalf but this one proved the most interesting.

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